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Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt is a Mobile App and Book where you can Hatch and customise your own unique pet Moshling. Aimed at 6-8 year olds, there’s hidden codes throughout both the app and book that unlock special goodies. Working closely with the Magento developers, I designed the website which links to the game, shows a preview of the Book and the option to buy it. Visit the website

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Young Westminster

A responsive website for Westminster Council aimed at the young adult population. A resource of advice and general information relevant to this audience. Working with key stakeholders, art direction and website design. Visit the website

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Moshi Monsters

I was at Mind Candy for approximately 10 months. Initally, I was brought in to work on the new Moshi Egg Hunt website. My role expanded to help with maintain their other websites, including the Moshi Monsters main site. Moshi is such a fun and creative brand. Having such a wealth of amazing illustrations and graphics to work with made my job 10 times easier. The office is vibrant and the team are a pleasure to work with! Visit the website

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Fruugo has been described by Retail Week as ‘The next big thing in etail’ and ‘E-bay in the making’. They sell across 23 countries world wide and have over 1 million products. I was approached by Glen Richardson (CMO of Fruugo) to give their site a refresh with some key goals in mind. They wanted to not only make the shopping experience a more pleasant one for their customers but also minimise the checkout process to as few steps as possible. We also made sure responsive design wasn’t an afterthought and specified the best layout for devices. Since going live, Fruugo have experienced a 200% sales increase on previous years. There are a few factors that impact that result, but the website refresh is definitely one of them. View the website

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BBC – CBeebies

I had the fantastic opportunity of redesigning the CBeebies website. To date, this is still one of my favourite projects. While it was enormously challenging, I learnt so much from the experience, including working using an Agile workflow (a very new process at that time) and the value of testing with the target audience! The age range is 0-6 years old so the navigation had to be easily accessible for this audience while remaining user friendly for parents. The previous design was very much geared towards the parents, so the main goal was to make it a more fun and exciting environment for children and give them more independence finding their way around for themselves. Housing content for approximately 80 programmes broadcast on the CBeebies digital channel and CBeebies on BBC2, it was important to keep the user journey consistent throughout each brand experience.

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Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls is a Portland based music project by Brent Knopf. I designed and built this XML driven flash site – streaming tracks and giving fans all the latest info. There is animation throughout – on main home screen the characters animate on screen with different creatures flying by.

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Photo Restoration

I’ve always been fond of this photo of my mother. It was fairly worn by the years (unlike my mother herself), so I worked the digital iron on the creases. The first image shows the original scanned photograph, the second image is partly edited and the third is the finished project.