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Gumroad’s Small Product Lab

On the 15th of June, I signed up to a challenge created by Gumroad to create and launch a product in 10 days. The criteria was: · Your product should be small and simple · It should be complete (not a pre-order or subscription) · It should launch on time · It should make some sales · You should post your progress daily on the Facebook group, and participate in the Twitter chats I have been aware of Gumroad for a while now and wanted to launch a small product to test out the platform. This was the perfect opportunity. There was a connected Facebook group where the participates could interact to discuss problems, solutions and motivate each other. Each day, an email was sent out with a task to help keep on track with your launch date. I found the experience motivating, definitely challenging, but most of all productive and I launched my Photoshop Design […]

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It’s in the details – Design Details Podcast

As a freelancer, working from my home office (or cafes or hot desking) can feel a bit isolating at times. I love the freedom and independence, but just in terms of connecting with peers in the industry and keeping on top of the latest app / workflow improvements / prototyping tool! My Cast subscription list is a mix of true story podcasts (This American Life, Invisibilia, The Moth etc), a dash of science-y chatter (RadioLab, The Long Now Foundation etc), and of course industry related wisdom (Bootstrapped Web, Design Matters with Debbie Millman, UX Podcast). A recent addition to the work category is Design Details. It’s hosted by Brian Lovin (Product Designer at Buffer) and Bryn Jackson. Unlike Invisibilia, their voices are quite different so it doesn’t matter so much they have the same name – you can still tell them apart. A recent episode (#7) featured Cap Watkins – ex Design Manager at Etsy […]