Drupal on Savvy

Tear it up and start again

We are in the process of a complete overhaul of our startup, Drupal on Savvy. At first, this was a pretty daunting concept after two years of working towards our existing product. We always knew it would evolve and change, but we’ve decided it will be easier to wipe the slate and start again.

It brings up something I’ve come to realise in the last couple of years – an awareness of how temporary our work in this industry is. It can be frustrating to come from a place of knowing something you have spent countless hours on may be thrown out in the very near future. I’m sure I’m not alone – it’s natural to want your work to last and be worthwhile – to add up to something meaningful and complete. I recognise though that this process is important, essential even to make the next steps we are poised to make. Everything we do gets us somewhere and contributes to something bigger. We learn from it and make the next move as a result. We should never be afraid to tear it all down and start from scratch. By seeing things this way, it no longer feels like ‘wasted’ time and I can identify true value and growth. I believe that genuine care and feeling comes through a project built from this.

We are building this next iteration with all that knowledge and experience supporting us. I’m excited about the future of Savvy and can’t wait to see it taking shape into the platform we aspire. Not being afraid to make mistakes is part of the recipe for great work and I’m looking forward to making a lot more.

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