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An Extra Hour : Hand Lettering Design

The British clocks go back one hour this weekend. Inspired by this and a book I’m reading at the moment called ‘Early One Morning‘ by Virginia Baily, this design was created using hand lettering & illustration. Once I had the general composition in place, I worked up the letters and graphics using layers of tracing paper with a fine point pencil and pen. Then moved to Photoshop for the final tweaks to the layout, colour and texture.

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I hope you type the wrong URL

I’ve really been getting into hand lettering and typography lately. Enjoyed making this one for a 404 error page. Started with a pencil sketch on tracing paper and refined by adding layers of paper and filling it in with a fine tip pen. Scanned, vectorised and added colour and texture in photoshop. Let’s hope my client likes it 🙂 If you’re interested in typography, I recommend the following classes to get you started: Free YouTube intro tutorial by Christian Robinson Communicate Effectively Through the Power of Type on Skillshare