Small Product Lab

Gumroad’s Small Product Lab

On the 15th of June, I signed up to a challenge created by Gumroad to create and launch a product in 10 days.

The criteria was:

· Your product should be small and simple
· It should be complete (not a pre-order or subscription)
· It should launch on time
· It should make some sales
· You should post your progress daily on the Facebook group, and participate in the Twitter chats

I have been aware of Gumroad for a while now and wanted to launch a small product to test out the platform. This was the perfect opportunity.

There was a connected Facebook group where the participates could interact to discuss problems, solutions and motivate each other. Each day, an email was sent out with a task to help keep on track with your launch date.

I found the experience motivating, definitely challenging, but most of all productive and I launched my Photoshop Design Template called “VAST” ( which you can view here) on time.

If you are considering launching something yourself, I would definitely recommend signing up for the next challenge which starts on the 27th of July. More details and sign up form here.

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