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Today @farez and I had a fantastic OnSavvy session. We are finally at a stage of tying together all our research and learnings into the core offering, and expressing this through wireframing and a prototype.

We spent the day sketching up flows and user journeys. It felt so good! Like some kind of purge of a build up of thoughts and ideas. We were totally on the same level about what we are where we’re heading. This is the case the majority of the time, but I still appreciate how lucky we are in that way.

It was really obvious to me that our research and investigation work was well worth it. It gave us the confidence needed to make decisions about key features and which paths to take or leave behind. We were able to piece together elements that were previously very fragmented in our minds. The vision shone brightly through all the mist of the details that often obscure the way. We’ve kept refining our mission – we both read through it regularly!

So things really feel like they are slotting together now. The plan is to prepare wireframes of the company profile pages next week and then our next stop on the roadmap will be looking at the interactions between the different segments and how they will co-exist and benefit each other.

Perhaps it’s the incredible views from our new base (if you can’t guess where it is from the attached photo, I’m not about to tell you. We don’t want to have to fight for seats!) but I have a feeling the future is looking pretty damn bright!

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