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Our mission with Savvy

We put together a little mission statement to remind ourselves what we’re all about and to help navigate the decisions we make as we continue to build Savvy. Read it below.   We believe… That in this age, outdated, industrialist, ideas of human resource is no longer effective. That job security has become an oxymoron. That all of us now have a choice; to choose what skills we learn and who we work for, enabling us to combine our work and our passion, producing results that are highly creative. We want each developer to be more than just their CV. We want each organisation to be more than just their logo. We want to help exciting employers and passionate developers find each other… It’s time for an update.   How We want to work with innovative and forward thinking organisations who understand that developer search is more than posting jobs […]

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Office with a view

Today @farez and I had a fantastic OnSavvy session. We are finally at a stage of tying together all our research and learnings into the core offering, and expressing this through wireframing and a prototype. We spent the day sketching up flows and user journeys. It felt so good! Like some kind of purge of a build up of thoughts and ideas. We were totally on the same level about what we are where we’re heading. This is the case the majority of the time, but I still appreciate how lucky we are in that way. It was really obvious to me that our research and investigation work was well worth it. It gave us the confidence needed to make decisions about key features and which paths to take or leave behind. We were able to piece together elements that were previously very fragmented in our minds. The vision shone […]

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Tear it up and start again

We are in the process of a complete overhaul of our startup, Drupal on Savvy. At first, this was a pretty daunting concept after two years of working towards our existing product. We always knew it would evolve and change, but we’ve decided it will be easier to wipe the slate and start again. It brings up something I’ve come to realise in the last couple of years – an awareness of how temporary our work in this industry is. It can be frustrating to come from a place of knowing something you have spent countless hours on may be thrown out in the very near future. I’m sure I’m not alone – it’s natural to want your work to last and be worthwhile – to add up to something meaningful and complete. I recognise though that this process is important, essential even to make the next steps we are […]