Savvy Mission

Our mission with Savvy

We put together a little mission statement to remind ourselves what we’re all about and to help navigate the decisions we make as we continue to build Savvy. Read it below.


We believe…

That in this age, outdated, industrialist, ideas of human resource is no longer effective.

That job security has become an oxymoron.

That all of us now have a choice; to choose what skills we learn and who we work for, enabling us to combine our work and our passion, producing results that are highly creative.

We want each developer to be more than just their CV.

We want each organisation to be more than just their logo.

We want to help exciting employers and passionate developers find each other… It’s time for an update.



We want to work with innovative and forward thinking organisations who understand that developer search is more than posting jobs and ticking checkboxes in a CV database search form and give them tools to control and manage their on-demand team.

We want to present each developer as a passionate, highly skilled, self-motivated, and self-improving individual, by combining curated information, social media information and work-related online reputation, all in one place, in his/her OnSavvy profile.



To achieve this, we have built the beginnings of, the online platform to connect passionate technology freelancers with innovative organisations who want to hire them.


OnSavvy provides…

Communities of developers and technology professionals, grouped by skills – we are starting with the Drupal community, and will soon expand into other language, framework and CMS communities like PHP, Rails, and WordPress.

Database of developer profiles that you can search and filter on, currently by country and type of work they are looking for, and soon by availability and skills.

Developer & company profiles that showcase work as well as linking to all their social media profiles and reputation accounts. Soon we will be pulling all of this information into their profile, allowing you to view and monitor member online activities in one place.

Corporate profiles that allow companies to promote and highlight the projects their developers work on. Soon we will include sophisticated company profiles that will allow businesses to provide a better brand message to developers, and publish relevant images, videos and team member profiles.

Bookmarking features that allows you to bookmark your favourite members so that you can return to them and contact them when the need for new team members arises.

Job posts for vacancies that get sent out to each relevant developer and posted to social media, including the jobs board. External posts will be under the OnSavvy name so that you do not get inundated with irrelevant emails – we do the filtering for you.


A bit more about us

To date, we have over 300 profiles of passionate Drupal developers, most of which are from the UK and the US.

We are growing and gaining a positive reputation in the tech community, and we want to work with innovative organisations to help us shape the future of tech freelancing.

OnSavvy was founded by Farez Rahman, a seasoned Drupal developer and business owner, and Nicole Mauloni, a highly experienced interaction designer and front-end developer.

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